Amps and Women

I have been happily married for over 20 years now. I am the supposed audiophile, yet my wife ,god bless her, can pick out the differences in amplifiers in about two seconds. I change over from my Spectral stuff to my Classe stuff,"Honey did you change the system again?" She was not even listening seriously, she was doing something totally different. So the question I pose, and my wife is not the only one I have noticed this with, do women in general possess better listening/hearing capabilties then men?? That is why I take her(and usually with great resentment on her part.) to audition audio equipment. In fact, in all fairness, she narrows the choices pretty quickly.
I practice Occupational Medicine at a large metro hospital and provide occupational services to employers. Many of my patients are exposed to noise and have noise induced hearing loss. We always perform baseline audiograms and if they work in an area where the noise exceeds the federal limits(OSHA)yearly audiograms are performed. I also spend a great deal on time performing noise sampling to determine noise levels in particular workplaces. I also have tested school age children for hearing loss. There is no difference between the boys and the girls, we all start out the same unless we have a hearing loss from other conditions. As far as our hobby, I agree we listen differently but there is no innate hearing ability in woman.
My stereo always sounds better when my girlfriend is listening with, hearing her comments and ideas (unbiased). She has heard all of the studies and enjoys telling me how my stereo sounds better then I can hear, sometimes I think she is right. Check that she is right every time.
Jsbail, the difference between you A-B'ing all day and your wife forming opinions in 5 minutes is that YOU enjoy the tinkering around while she gets to verify the results. It's kind of like the guy that does his own tune-ups and the one that pays someone else to do it. The "tuner" enjoys his tinkering and wants to know all of the intimate details of his "baby" while the "payer" simply thinks of his car as being "transportation". BIG difference. Sean >
You are a moron if you let somebody tell what you like if you have the chance to hear the same thing at the same time.