Amps In Wall Or Conditioner?

Stereo amp and subwoofer amp, both with upgrade PCs, plugged straight into (upgraded) wall outlets.
Same with tube preamp.

Now getting power conditioner for use on DAC, streamers, CD, maybe even analog sources. 
Conditioner has 2 high-current outlets. Majority opinion says don't use these for amps.
If not, how about preamp and/or DAC? Any foreseeable benefit or detriment of high-current vs. linear filtered?

"Depends on the condition"

Absolutely  correct. By no means are they all created equally. 

"Just this weekend I tried the wall vs the Puritan again just to confirm. It was quite obvious the Puritan was the way to go."

@grannyring funny you mention this. I did the same thing several weekends ago. I have the BPT 3.5 Signature plus which is a balanced AC isolated transformer power conditioner. For 12 years My amplifiers have been plugged into it due to it sounding better than direct in the wall AC outlet. 

I decided to plug amplifiers into the wall which is a 20 amp  dedicated line. No different now than 12 years ago. Same result,   better sound quality across the sonic board with the BPT versus the wall AC outlet. This will not be true for every power conditioner,  but certainly is for some.

Funny Charles! Most familiar with your conditioner as I had two upper end units over the years. My gear, system, and amps all sounded better through it. I remember the music taking on better weight and bass foundation as well as cleaner and smoother highs. The weight it brought to the music stands out the most in my memory of BPT. Great unit!
"Love the Niagara 1200 paired with an AudioQuest Tornado power cord. Compared it to a Puritan 156, and sold the Puritan."

The Puritan has a series inductor in the AC supply to every outlet and can, under certain conditions such as dynamic (changing) current demands of Class A/B power amps, result in "current-starving" with a loss of dynamics and bass impact. Simply put, inductors oppose changes in current flow. Audioquest avoids this problem in the Niagra 1200 by using NO filters in the high-current (HC) outlets.
No current starving on ANY amp I put on the Puritan. Puritan advertises the same thing. I have put a 400 watt class A/B amp on it. A 55 watt pure class A amp on it……you get the idea. Always sounded better than plugging into my upgraded audiophile wall outlet as part of a dedicated 20 amp circuit isolated from the rest of the home’s electrical. That is my experience in my home. I suppose one could have a different experience based on a combination of realities all coming together. In audio one can never say something is true in all instances. My experience only.
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