Amps In Wall Or Conditioner?

Stereo amp and subwoofer amp, both with upgrade PCs, plugged straight into (upgraded) wall outlets.
Same with tube preamp.

Now getting power conditioner for use on DAC, streamers, CD, maybe even analog sources. 
Conditioner has 2 high-current outlets. Majority opinion says don't use these for amps.
If not, how about preamp and/or DAC? Any foreseeable benefit or detriment of high-current vs. linear filtered?
and experience based…

Isotec is my gold standard, but i could live with … ? 

OP your router or network switch on linear power supply ?
"No current starving on ANY amp I put on the Puritan. Puritan advertises the same thing. I have put a 400 watt class A/B amp on it. A 55 watt pure class A amp on it……you get the idea. Always sounded better than plugging into my upgraded audiophile wall outlet as part of a dedicated 20 amp circuit isolated from the rest of the home’s electrical. That is my experience in my home..."

I have every reason to believe that your experience is as described. Class A amps have a relatively constant current demand, so a series inductor in the AC feed does not pose a problem. The same holds true for a heavily-biased Class A/B amp such as your Coda which runs Class A for the first 20 watts if moderate SPL is in play.

The series inductor becomes a problem, however, when a lightly-biased Class A/B amp is driven at high levels. A loss in dynamics and bass impact will result and may be what tvad experienced. This is the very reason why Audioquest and Furman use energy-storage technology in their pricier power conditioners. 
@tomic601 router/network switch not on linear filter, not even near the wireless source components (I use a booster in the listening room), but this could be arranged & I have explored the cost/benefit logistics, thanks in large part to your contributions on the subject. Even the conditioner doesn't aim to resolve some specific complaint. It's just the latest new toy that might -- who knows? -- lower the inaudible noise floor around here.
@tomic601 Somehow overlooked Isotek, thanks for the prompt. Now I'm off to watch Kevin D's pitch on the device. Nice that Upscale sells both, and I have tested/uptraded other components with them before.