Amps/Preamps for Avalon Ascendant

First of all, I am new to all this audio stuff be easy on me, but i wanted my sytem sounds good. I am planning to buy Avalon Ascendant shortly, still looking for new or used amps/preamps in price range of $6000 to $8000. My music room is 13ft by 13ft and 12ft vaulted ceiling. I am listened to mostly soft rock. I like liquid sounds, big sound stage, transparent. I have something in minded for preamp (Aesthetix calpyso or Cary Slp-98), amp(Ayre v-5x),speaker cable (Cardas golden Ref.). Are they good match together for what i like?. But willing to listen other audiogoner advice. Thanks ahead for any advice.
Well, if you like liquid sounds, do try the Ayre K1x... Not sure you can find better for that ! Plus a great match for the V5-x, obviously.
Vinnyd: I heard the Avalon Ascendants with ARC tubes and Spectral solid state: Spectral all the way, and it was not even close. I am not saying other electronics wouldn't work but for the money solid state for Avalon. I have tried my ARC tube electronics with my Avalon Radians, did not sound that lively conpared to my Spectral stuff.

Have any of you tried matching the latest version of Ascendants with Accuphase A class amplifiers (E-550/A-30)? What's other solid state brands do you recommend in range of 4-6k $ (new stuff only)? I heard a lot about synergy with Ayre (any experience with V-5xe?)? I'm definitely not interested in Spectral, nor tube gear.