Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced

Hello everyone,

When I think of Power Amps (or integrated amps) that play / sound way beyond their price-point and can be non-household names, I think of companies like:

  1. Belles (Power Modules)
  2. McCormack
  3. Coda

Can you guys please suggest other Power Amps / Companies that are also somewhat unknown or of great value?

Your suggestions would really help me and others.  Thanks!


My Odyssey Audio HT3 (with cap upgrade) is nearly 10 years old.  I have not once in all these years even considered an amp upgrade.  This amp is a giant killer, with detailed, clean sound, never etched or bright, with stunning soundstage width and height.  If it remains as reliable as it has been (one cap failed while in warranty), it will probably be my last amp.

Also, the Arion Class D amps are outstanding, and reasonably priced.  I have heard several models, and had the RS-500 mono blocks in my system.  Wonderful amps.
VAC 450 IQs - best I have ever heard.  Incredible mids and highs; bass that needs to be heard to be believed.  All VAC products punch above their weight class - these are no exception.
At their used prices, Convergent Audio Technology (CAT) amps are the greatest stone cold bargains in audio - much better even than their preamps.  You can pay ~$4-7k for amps that will compete with anything made today, regardless of price.
All very good suggestions but must include! Very well built,
very fairly priced!