Amps with meters ...

are just a lot better than amps without meters.

I'd love to have an amp with big meters!  I very nearly pulled the trigger on a Mac, but simply too expensive, and not a fan of the Autoformer.   I'd bet if Emotiva packaged their $1200 amp with nice big analog meters, they could easily sell it for $2000.  There simply are NO big-VU-meter amps out there for under $4000.... (new that is).  
I have always thought that meters were a homage to the Julian Hirsh school of measurements leading us to better audio.But I do love them on my EAR 912 they impress the neighbors. 
For an admittedly prototype 833-A SET and a GM70 SET for the center channel I put in milliampere meters between one side of the cathode and ground to know what kind of condition the tubes are in. This is simpler than power output meters the McIntosh uses. If you want to defeat the lighting in the meters it would not be difficult to find one wire to the lights and insert a switch. McIntosh will supply you with a schematic and maintenance sheet to help you see what wire to interrupt.I do not defeat the purple LED lighting I put in my meters because the 833-A cathode at 10 Volts, 10 Amps is, in effect, a 100 Watt light.
With your eyes closed, green ketchup tastes the same as red ketchup.  Open your eyes and it doesn't.