Amsued To Death - Roger Waters CD

I bought new CD from Ebay from above source.

It is a really good source of music to test the sound stage of your system.

In my two channel system, soundstage extend 8 ft beyond both right and left speakers.

It almost sound 3D with 2 channel system with thunderous bass.

It use Qsound effect.

I feel as if I  am inside the music.

This is a really classic.

I will have to check it out. Have never heard it. However, in my small collection I have one other CD in Q Sound. It is Sting's The Soul Cages and SQ and soundstage are remarkable.
I like them all as well as all the Floyd, Wright and Gilmour stuff. Even The Final Cut dang it.
I went through a period where I was upset about Pink Floyd breaking up and did not care what Roger Waters was doing, so I missed this when it came out.  I was in Portland at Echo Audio and the owner Kurt used a vinyl copy to demo a $100K system they put together and it was amazing. 

The opening cut, the The Ballad of Bill Hubbard completely blew me away.  There is a dog barking near the beginning and I could have sworn that the sound was coming from behind me.  Jeff Beck's guitar playing on this cut is sublime.

I was afraid that system would ruin my enjoyment of my system and that I would go home and be terribly disappointed, but that same track sounded _almost_ as good on my system (thankfully).  Whatever they did with that Q Sound, it really worked on that album.
In college we were hungry for a follow-up to The Wall. I bought The Final Cut on vinyl right when it came out and I liked it. I do not have it anymore but will give it a listen. It is my understanding that it was all Water's.

Did not care for anything from Floyd after that. All seemed lame to me...just my opinion.

Have not listened to any of Waters solo stuff but plan to now. Will give The Final Cut a 30 year re-listen too.