Amsued To Death - Roger Waters CD

I bought new CD from Ebay from above source.

It is a really good source of music to test the sound stage of your system.

In my two channel system, soundstage extend 8 ft beyond both right and left speakers.

It almost sound 3D with 2 channel system with thunderous bass.

It use Qsound effect.

I feel as if I  am inside the music.

This is a really classic.

Just finished listening to the SACD version on my main rig. Breathtaking. 
I disagree with the comment that Amused to Death sounds disjointed. Compared to Hitch Hiking, there are more moments of " loud and soft ", but this is true Roger Waters. Which is better ? Apples and oranges. Beck and Clapton were left to do whatever they wanted, which shows genius in Waters. " Meddle " anyone ? Enjoy ! MrD. 
And I agree that not many people are going to share the same opinion when it comes down to personal views on music matter itself.

But I am English, it is our right to still think we rule the world!


Just enjoy the music!

As you may have noticed,  I am not a native speaker of English.

I came to USA at the age of 22 to attend graduate school in California.

There must be subtle nuance behind each word.

But as long as we can communicate with each other, if will be fine.

I agree with you in that we had better just enjoy music.