Amsued To Death - Roger Waters CD

I bought new CD from Ebay from above source.

It is a really good source of music to test the sound stage of your system.

In my two channel system, soundstage extend 8 ft beyond both right and left speakers.

It almost sound 3D with 2 channel system with thunderous bass.

It use Qsound effect.

I feel as if I  am inside the music.

This is a really classic.

The 92 album release on vinyl, a double LP 33 RPM is the album I’ve paid the most for, close to $400 - it’s a show stopper at hifi
shows - the q sound really is quite astonishing.  Late Home Tonight Part 1 with the explosion at the end is extremely impressive in demonstrating dynamic capabilities. What it’s horrifying message is, is another story all together.

Good Listening 


I do not have any problem with your comments.

Thanks for your kind word.

I bet it sounds fantastic on your speakers!
I saw Hitchhiker and Final Cut performed live in London many years ago. Simply stunning. I prefer both of these over the other RW material. 
Final the Final cut is a Pink Floyd Album while Pros And Cons Of Hitchiking is a Waters solo album.