Amsued To Death - Roger Waters CD

I bought new CD from Ebay from above source.

It is a really good source of music to test the sound stage of your system.

In my two channel system, soundstage extend 8 ft beyond both right and left speakers.

It almost sound 3D with 2 channel system with thunderous bass.

It use Qsound effect.

I feel as if I  am inside the music.

This is a really classic.

@stereo5 Come on! Final Cut was written by Waters. Wright didn't even play in it.
Even though it was their final before the split, I think it was one of their best, just as good to me as DSOTM.
Look for the earlier version ones, I have the CBS 25416 (third from the bottom) and it very good, some of the others may be better like the second from the top CK38243.

Cheers George

Tbh, I have no idea of the version of ATD I have as I ripped it to my Vault and the actual CD is now packed away in the loft.

So I gave it a whirl from my Vault library again and still can’t really get into it.

Guess if we were all the same life would be very boring.

For me I will take Hitchhiking and KAOS any day all day.

Just my opinion.
Don't forget the whole side of Rog on When the Wind Blows. One of the most terrifying pieces ever recorded. (Soundtrack).