Amy Winehouse.RIP

Passed away today in London.
Such a talent with sadly many demons.
Yes there is objective truth and Glory has spoken it . His ideas are not his own but express the word of God . Let the word of God be true and every man a liar . Those that have the son ( Christ Jesus ) have life ; those that do not have the son do not have life . All are dead in trespasses and sins until Christ is received . The corrupted seed hates this message , and hates Christ the Godman and Savior .
This thread has gotten completely out of hand. Where are the moderators when we need them.
>>07-24-11: Thesoundhouse
The best quote of the day is "He is dumber than granite" I will spare the audiogon member who said it.<<

Actually that is an insult to all granite, unmined or finished.