An analogue preamp designer question

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a design of analog preamplifier with a fully mechanical controls. It has decent tactile experience, and very nice to play with. At the same it it has precise controls calibration and parametric EQ instead of generic tone control. The front panel is aluminium milled. The brand is entirely new, it is going to be our first device. The retail price could be something like $2500.


  • 6 line inputs,
  • integrated phono preamp with discreet MC stage,  op-amp based MM with a 3-rd order subsonic filter,
  • integrated headphone amplifier,
  • tape replay support,
  • good electronics, should measure really well.
  • Dimensions: 435 x 241 x 42 mm (17.1 x 9.5 x 1.6 inches)

Problems found so far:

  • absence of remote control,
  • slightly industrial look: industrial aluminium profiles on the sides, iron painted top cover,
  • headphone controls are unusable when the jack is inserted, too little space.

Please help me find out which direction I should be moving this product for a better market fit, and a successful sales.

Possible options are:

  1. Go down with the price, instead of $2500 it could be say $900. Of course there will be no aluminium knobs, and front panel, the whole enclosure will be made from iron sheet, possibly knobs will be made of plastic
  2. Make it less PRO: remove controls calibration, simplify tone control
  3. Add digital inputs: S/PDIF, Bluetooth, etc
  4. Change the dimensions, so it is easier to put a turntable on it, or find a furniture
  5. your option

Thank you for all the thoughts!


Front view

back view

See more pictures in the following GDrive folder


Without a test printout of frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, THD+N and one channel un-driven crosstalk measurements, it would be difficult to gauge the price to performance value. You have to know what your competitors are capable of at any price point. 

For me, it had better have remote control. I'm not interested digital inputs. Take a look at a McIntosh C15 preamp to see how they managed to do all you are looking for in a nice clean looking unit. You wouldn't need to do lighting. I have one of their units and it is a darn nice layout as far as I'm concerned. Your price point seems ok as a goal.

I like parametric EQ because now i use headphone...

And being to drive amplifier/ speakers is good but high end headphone amplification will be a winner...

Most high quality amp drive only speakers and headphone amplification is specialized now...

Why not a very good pre-amp for all use ?


By the way for me your design is stunningly good... Congratulations!