An audio rack that really does make a difference.

Looking on spending up to $3000. on a rack for my system. I’m currently using a older Billy bags tri-point with cracked glass shelves. Would like to get a four post stand so it becomes more stable than the three post Billy Bags. Looking for something that will take it to the next level without taking my pocket book along with it. I’ve looked at Solid Tech and Adonis. 
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“It is the single biggest killer of sound staging and depth perspective, it makes a hiend sound into midfi, because there's no artist to place and see with your eyes.
If you can't go to the side, maybe the behind you, or as I did in one place that allowed it, the next room.”

This is an interesting take for me. I recently created a thread about getting better detail and resolution from my speakers. Some of the feedback I got was the length of my wire run because my equipment is off to the side on an armoire. I’m trying to rework my furniture to move my speakers over to each side of my armoire but maybe I should rethink that? 

Consider a furniture armoire for an audio rack. Mine is a solid piece of furniture that fits the decor of the room and my gear blends into the furniture. Has drawers for storage that come in handy. I add isolation devices as needed and any vibrations that may occur are not audible to me. 
Not everyone has the luxury having a space big enough to position gear off to the side. However, everyone can ameliorate the effects of a rack between the speakers by positioning the speakers baffle a ways ahead of the rack.

An even bigger gain can be had by mounting the TV on the wall placing it well behind the speakers. That move gave me the greatest improvement in sound stage presentation. 

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Always wanted to try Artesania Audio.

I have the Stillpoints rack and I would never be without it.

You'd have to find one used for your price range.

"I always wondered why I see all these high end systems and at dealers too with their racks between the speakers and think it’s got to negatively impact the image and soundstage."

I hear you, but for most of us there probably isn't a better solution. The common alternative is to place the equipment rack along a side wall, where it will still introduce uneven reflections, specially if there's no matching furniture on the OTHER side wall. A ventilated closet might work best sonically, but then remotes may not work, and you'll get no visual feedback from your gear via built-in displays and LED lights...

I think I'll keep my rack where it is, between the speakers and set back as far as possible, but I'm open to suggestions for improvement.