An audiophile dilemma

A friend of mine just bought the JBL PRX635 stage speakers and they sound just great!
These are not the typical high end speakers that are in demand among audiophiles and they cost far less than their high end siblings.
Sometimes I wonder if all the money is well spent, because for far less $$ someone can become an owner of a pair of these JBL's and be happy for the rest of his life.
Are those high end (and very expensive) speakers really better than the JBL's?

At least Mr. Schroeder has the common courtesy to list his system on-line.

People shouldn't feel sorry for Rok2id. His Polk speakers are very well regarded as a high value/performance item. Polk has the resources to produce very fine quality products and if you believe the reviews, the LSI15 is an excellent product.

BTW, I think Subarus are great cars and I would buy one over a Porsche 6 out of 7 days a week. (Porsche does make a very nice AWD SUV, not that I actually need a luxury SUV).
Rok2id, ever since I was a child, I went out of my way to hear a stereo system. My parents would drop me off at a couple of dealers. Those dealers seem to have gotten a kick out of me. One even called to tell my parents something new came in, to see if I could go and listen to it.

Then when I started to drive, I've driven over 500, or more miles round trip, to hear something that wasn't in my town. I had to stay overnight in a lot of those curiosity trips.

Years later when traveling for other reasons, the first thing I did after checking into a hotel/motel room, was to check the phone book for the dealers in that town. This was during a family vacation (they knew this routine), or traveling for business. I've even driven long distances to dealers (out of this visited area) with the rental car, if time, and type of trip permitted.

This is just part of my idea, of this being a hobby. Then trying everything I could is another, until I'm happy with my system.
'Anything can be a hobby. Like annoying people on the internet for example.'

Careful with that wit, you might cut someone.