An EXPERIMENT for those who have never heard differences in cables

There are many here who have never heard differences in cables, I was there years ago until I read a post of someone preferring the sound of 28 awg magnet wires for speaker cables. I quickly drove out to my local Radio Shack and picked up magnet wires of various sizes (22-28 awg) to hear what it sounds like. I remember this being a fun experiment and a really cheap one that taught me a thing or two, I've gone on to experience many other cable designs over the years.

***Run two insulated magnet wire to each speaker (one for positive, one for negative) and use them in place of your existing speaker cable, the insulation on magnet wires are very thin and a little difficult to strip, sandpapering the tips may work. Connect them to the binding posts on your amp and speakers and let us know what you hear?
(Amazon also carries various sizes of magnet wires)
I have not heard about this setup. So as cheap as this is, and if it works as good or better than expensive cable, do you think higher end cables may take a hit in sales? Or would those companies offer their own line of  magnet wires? And if they did offer low price, high quality magnet wires, what would it do to their very expensive/high profit wire? Perhaps this is a good good thing?
@tobor007 I never claimed that this works as good or better than expensive cables and that high-end cable sales will take a hit, this is an experiment for those who have never heard a difference in cables. As you can see by these posts, some do enjoy the sound and experimenting with magnet wires. 
@djones I wasn't ready to let the cat out the bag but rodman99999 beat me to it. The larger 8-12 gauge magnet wire does have a sound of its own and sounds really good if it fits the listeners' preference.

I also have a leftover spool of 16 conductor braided cable, braided designs are used by many high-end cable companies, most notable is Kimber and Shunyata. Anyone who wants to experiment with these cables shoot me a PM.   
"I never claimed that this works as good or better than expensive cables"

I was not trying to be sarcastic. Perhaps I'm a little lost on the intent of the post. It seemed like an opportunity upgrade sound at a lower price point. Or perhaps I did miss the point, and that it is only an experiment.