An EXPERIMENT for those who have never heard differences in cables

There are many here who have never heard differences in cables, I was there years ago until I read a post of someone preferring the sound of 28 awg magnet wires for speaker cables. I quickly drove out to my local Radio Shack and picked up magnet wires of various sizes (22-28 awg) to hear what it sounds like. I remember this being a fun experiment and a really cheap one that taught me a thing or two, I've gone on to experience many other cable designs over the years.

***Run two insulated magnet wire to each speaker (one for positive, one for negative) and use them in place of your existing speaker cable, the insulation on magnet wires are very thin and a little difficult to strip, sandpapering the tips may work. Connect them to the binding posts on your amp and speakers and let us know what you hear?
(Amazon also carries various sizes of magnet wires)
When I was winding pickup, I used 42awg. I bet about 50 strands of that braided together would do the trick. 
If you bundle that many individually insulated thin wires together, you're working with a litz design, there's a lot you can try with magnet wires. The most notable manufacturer that uses litz is Cardas, but their stranding is much finer and has to be terminated using a solder pot.

I'm convinced that many who say there is no difference between competent cables have never actually listened. They've simply come to that conclusion based on their faith.

Of those who have listened and found no difference, I think many have come to the conclusion based on "confirmation bias." Their faith is so powerful that they just can't imagine there's a sonic difference between cables.
 I'm convinced you've simply fabricated a straw man to support your unsubstantiated theories about other people.   I've worked with audio equipment for 55 years, including selling it.   I hear very, very little, if any, difference in cables.  However, I'm always hopeful I will.  Recently, I went through my entire system and replaced all of the RCA style interconnects with expensive balanced interconnects between components and the preamp, and from the preamp to the power amp.  Couldn't identify a change to the sound reproduction and/or sound quality.

I have a dedicated power circuit to the equipment with after market power cables to every piece of equipment and to the Furman IT 20i direct-symmetrical power center.

I've used Tara Labs, Kimber Cable, and Purist Audio speaker cables - couldn't hear any difference between any of them.

I make no conclusions about what other people may hear when they change cables.  I only know, that I've tried a variety of cables in my system over the years and only hear a difference if gross changes are made - of the type suggested in the original post - taking a 28 gage wire and comparing it to an expensive speaker cable.

Changing expensive cables, substituting power cables, etc. - I don't hear a difference.  However, I readily admit - I may not be able to perceive the subtleties claimed by others.