An indoor FM tuner better than the Terk FM+?

I am looking for an indoor FM tuner that will do better than the Terk FM+.

It is not that I am really unhappy with the Terk - for $13 it does a pretty darn good job. Its just that I need to get another antenna anyway and I figured there has to be something better out there.

WAF is big so I am looking for something unobtrusive.

I tried a Tune trapper antenna but it wasn't any better for me.

I was thinking of trying the Godar but the reviews seem mixed. Any other suggestions?

I wish I could but my house is a loft-style and has no attic. I do already have an outdoor TV antenna installed but I get no signal from it. It has an amplifier on it somewhere and I think it has died.

I've had good luck in various situations with the inexpensive though somewhat antiquated/kitschy looking Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon Antennas. They do seem to work best in areas of strong signal strength, and it helps to have space to manually turn them as needed.
I built one based on this design...

It works great. It's not directional. The design is intended for the public radio end of the FM spectrum.
Cutterfilm -

Thanks for the link - I will try it.

My tuner has two antenna inputs so I can use one for the public radio spectrum and one for commercial stations.

How do you mount it? Vertical or horizontal?