An indoor FM tuner better than the Terk FM+?

I am looking for an indoor FM tuner that will do better than the Terk FM+.

It is not that I am really unhappy with the Terk - for $13 it does a pretty darn good job. Its just that I need to get another antenna anyway and I figured there has to be something better out there.

WAF is big so I am looking for something unobtrusive.

I tried a Tune trapper antenna but it wasn't any better for me.

I was thinking of trying the Godar but the reviews seem mixed. Any other suggestions?

I built one based on this design...

It works great. It's not directional. The design is intended for the public radio end of the FM spectrum.
Cutterfilm -

Thanks for the link - I will try it.

My tuner has two antenna inputs so I can use one for the public radio spectrum and one for commercial stations.

How do you mount it? Vertical or horizontal?

I am now ready to answer my own question -

I have been trying out more antennas and I believe the answer is NO - I have not found an indoor FM antenna significantly better than the Terk FM+.

I tried the Godar, the Tune trapper, a Radio shack folded dipole, and a single-wire antenna that came with my receiver. The Godar was clearly the worse. The Tune trapper was OK but not as good as the FM+. The single wire antenna was actually OK on a lot of stations. The Radio Shack folded dipole did pretty well and beat the FM+ on some stations. I did not try any of the rabbit ear style antennas due to WAF concerns - maybe some of those would be better.

My tuner (Sony ST-SA50ES) supports two antennas and in the end I decided on the Terk as antenna A and the Radio Shack as antenna B. Between the two I get decent reception for most stations within about 30 miles.

You might try a C.Crane FM Reflect antenna. I have one that performs well in a fairly mountainous area. I mainly listen to NPR, 88.5.