An interesting experience with power cable.

I’ve read a lot about power cables throughout the years and finally took a leap of faith and bought 1 silver-plated power cable. Of course I immediately plugged it in my amp and turn on everything for a listen. I could hear a tiny improvement but honestly was underwhelmed. I plugged the basic cable back into the amp. I plug the upgraded cable into my DAC for fun.


WOW, immediate and significant improvements. I gained a substantial amount of smoothness and sweetness and perceived clarity was also improved. I have alternate the upgraded power cable into the amp a few times, each time I get the same results, underwhelming, not as dramatic as if the cable went into the DAC.


So that was unexpected, I’m not saying power cable for amps are not significant. What I’m saying is, if you have only 1 upgraded power cable, the rest being stock basic, then plug it in your DAC, you might be surprised as well. Thanks for reading fellas.


Very curious to get a 2nd cable for the amp now.


@samureyex I doubt it is 8 gauge.  8 gauge would be 8 awg.  Ag is silver so i'm guessing the AG is silver plated and 8 means something else.

If it is 8 gauge, then it is plenty big and your amp is OK.  I have an amp with huge capacitors that benefits little from the big power cord.  But I use one anyway because they are cheap.


@williewonka Thanks for that excellent comment. Saving for future reference.

OP: "An interesting experience with power cable." -- I thought you were going all Marquis de Sade on us. Phew.

As can be said for most audio equipment, there are so many cable manufacturers (both single person businesses and larger corporate ones) and models within, that finding a place to start a cable quest is difficult.  I found the following site and their reviews/comparisons to provide a good starting and reference point to begin prioritizing and selecting what to audition:  Audio Bacon  

One thing to keep in mind digital gear is quite a bit noisier than analog gear. So there's more room for improvement when you connect your pc to your Dac vs your amp. I suspect that's more the reason for the difference than insufficient gauge.