An interesting experience with power cable.

I’ve read a lot about power cables throughout the years and finally took a leap of faith and bought 1 silver-plated power cable. Of course I immediately plugged it in my amp and turn on everything for a listen. I could hear a tiny improvement but honestly was underwhelmed. I plugged the basic cable back into the amp. I plug the upgraded cable into my DAC for fun.


WOW, immediate and significant improvements. I gained a substantial amount of smoothness and sweetness and perceived clarity was also improved. I have alternate the upgraded power cable into the amp a few times, each time I get the same results, underwhelming, not as dramatic as if the cable went into the DAC.


So that was unexpected, I’m not saying power cable for amps are not significant. What I’m saying is, if you have only 1 upgraded power cable, the rest being stock basic, then plug it in your DAC, you might be surprised as well. Thanks for reading fellas.


Very curious to get a 2nd cable for the amp now.


@samureyex I have a few thoughts I'll share with you, but remember systems and power filtration systems are different for each of us as well as personal preferences.

I agree 100% with @williewonka suggestions and I would recommend the next cord you purchase for your amp be one from Audio Envy which by the way should work very well on any of your components.

Power cords need to break in and be left in place (without movement) in order to know what they really sound like on any specific component.

I find silver-plated power cords (etc) to sound somewhat bloated, I don't mean to put down anyone or a manufacturer, perhaps I just haven't heard the proper power cord. If they sound good then go with them. When I purchase any type of cable that is silver I prefer at least 5N Silver, 100%.

Power cords make a tremendous difference in digital component especially ones that are known for reducing noise. I use a Shunyata Delta NR with my dac. 

Samureyex - This power cord looks to be a Kimber 8 TC - type speaker cable braid.  IF the strands are 15 gauge, 5 -15 ga strands together result in approx. 8 ga per leg.

I would be shocked if this was pure silver plated or OCC copper. 

These items are designed to look nice, be relatively inexpensive and, in some cases, plant the seed of  a popular brand via false labeling. 

As long as one is aware of this and choses to move forward, and likes the sound for the dollar spent, so be it.

These are the "specs" on the 8AG eBay cable. I would not use this for anything. Better off with an $90 Pangea with Cardas Copper.

  • Material of Shielding/Insulator: Teflon
  • Color: Transparent/clear
  • Material of Conductor: Silver Plated High Purity OCC
  • Overall Outside Diameter: 11mm
  • There are 16 strands (Braid)
  • Diameter of each strand: 1.5mm (AWG 15)
  • Support to: Speaker, Power Cord, Amplifier
  • Plug: carbon fiber rhodium plated us plug/eu plug
  • length: buyer can be choose different length
  • package: one piece

Sorry, @macg19 , but I'm a little fuzzy this morning. To what in these specs do you object?