An upgrade ? From Sonus Faber to Harberh speaker

Hi fellow audiogon forumers.  Of late, I scouted an used Harbeth C7ES2 speaker.  Was wondering if this would be ideal to replace my 17 years old Sonus Faber Concertino Domus ?

Generally , I listen to vocals,  jazz, classical and few new age music, warm and musical at low volume listening are my preference.

I have read through some past review on Audiogon and other websites.  C7ES2 is a mostly acceptable and recognised full range speaker.

If you have similar path experience, would like to hear your advise and sharing. 



Typically older Sonus Faber of that era were a bit warm and less detailed. Todays Sonus Faber are still extremely natural and musical, but with outstanding detail, exceptional speakers. My dealer / friend sells both and by far prefers Sonus Faber. I have owned Cremona, Olympica 3, and currently Amati Traditional. I have heard speakers many times the cost of mine… I consistently value the natural musicality of Sonus Faber.

Typically older Sonus Faber of that era were a bit warm and less detailed.

Yes, correct.

I have read great things about the new or current Sonus Faber but the higher-end models are rather costly in comparison to the Harbeth. Great sound, beautiful and exquisite craftsmanship but high-priced.

I have owned both C7ES2 and C7ES3, they are quite different in balance. The ES2 is much more laid back in perspective with the treble sounding a bit muted. The ES3 is more neutrally balanced and lively sounding, a much better speaker IMO. 

I used to have the C7ES2 and  I agree the treble was a bit muted.But that midrange..... heavenly.

Firstly, thanks all for your valuable comments and recommendation.

@akg_ca Accuphase E280 amp , source from Auralic Aries Mini and external DAC with AKM 4499 on Roon platform.

@ryder hi, I just sold my 400xi lately , moving to small room, need a speaker that can produce sound at low volume level while retain the good imaging sound.

Well, I would observe more ... on C7ES3 version then