Analog a dying breed

I spoke with a dealer today and we discussed the business of hi-end audio. He feels that in 10-15 years the analog market will not exist. He says the younger generation is
not interested in vinyl. Do you think this dealer is correct.
That`s funny I wonder if he has seen the equ being manufactured by many different companies. Price`s between .5K to 70K (Rockport Tech) with that said there is a price point for everyone interested. And look at record`s 120gr, 180gr, 200gr, 45RPM, 1/2 speed remasters I personaly feel it is stonger than ever. David
Vinyl sales are up worldwide this year compared to last year. Still tiny compared to CDs of course.
Speaking as someone who actually purchased a turntable today (a cheap Technics for my dad for Xmas), I'd say your dealer is half-right. Most of what's keeping turntable manufacturers going these days is boomers (and older, like my dad) who have record collections they want to play, and that market is going to shrink over time, for obvious if sad reasons. OTOH, there will always be an audiophile niche, and companies willing to fill that niche.
I can see that 15 to 20 years from today that vinyl will become a truly niche market, similar to reel to reel tape today. A typical 15 year old today has never seen a record. They have no more interest in vinyl than black and white silent movies.