Analog a dying breed

I spoke with a dealer today and we discussed the business of hi-end audio. He feels that in 10-15 years the analog market will not exist. He says the younger generation is
not interested in vinyl. Do you think this dealer is correct.
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After 4-5 years in the Sacd camp, I'm back to Vinyl after a 10 year sabatical/hiatus.

Unless younger generations a candidates for the show "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" new vinyl prices are just too high. For example the new release "Beatles - Let it Be (Naked)" runs $14.99 on double cd, & the double Lp is $36.99. Ouch!!!
I'm 24 and i went to analog 2 years ago.
I sold my CD player recently.

BTW: What is SACD ?
My vote would be no it won't die. I'm a 31 year old budding audiophile and thought I'd never get into analog, until I heard my friend's dad's record player. Now I listen to both, and enjoy collecting the better recordings on LP, since they sound better. Plus it's just cool.

As for the younger generations, remember club and rave DJing is HUGE, and that's all records.