Analog Planet's (Fremer) review of the new Beatles Singles reissue Box Set

Here is Mikey's review of the soon to be released Singles Box Set:

I still plan on getting it.  The collector side of me, I guess.
Sean Magee must be kept as far apart from any Beatles reissues as it is humanly possible.

The lack of empathic touch in this man is positively frightening. Criminal is another way to describe to describe the actions of this blundering bag of excuses.

Whoever’s pulling the strings at Apple nowadays needs to bloody wake up!
Justin Townes Earle died of an apparent overdose. He was Steve Earle's first son who he named after Townes. He was a talented Amercana folk singer just like his father who has to be heartbroken.
Too bad those Beatles records are disappointing but analog recoding technologies kinda sucked back then. Sgt. Peppers was recorded on an 8 track. I don’t think DolbyA had even come around. So they ping ponged the s--- on that 8 track with George Martin doing his best.

I'm afraid it was even worse than that. Abbey Road only had access to 4 track machines whilst Pepper was being recorded. 

The Beatles back catalogue is better recorded than most of their rivals at the time, but yeah, there was an awful lot of 'bouncing down' going on.

This is why any remastering is so critical. Further losses and distortions tend to be all too rather obvious.

I think I remember reading somewhere that 'And I Love Her' might be the least 'futzed with' and hence best sounding Beatles track of them all.