Analog Upgrade itch

Hello ! I would like to upgrade my turntable / tonearm / phono preamp 

currently I am using Kuzma Stabi S / Stabi S VTA 12” tonearm / Gold Note PH10 phono amp. 
Gryphon Antelion EVO + Pandora pre , Magico A5 speaker. 

My music preference : 50% classical / 30% pop / 20% modern Jazz 

I like my current cartridge: Etsuro Urushi Cobalt so I am going to keep it. I would like to upgrade my Turntable (possible Linn LP12 or Kuzma Ref2 or any suggestions ) with Kuzma 4 point tonearm (or recommendation in the $ range?). My biggest uncertain is phono amp : I’d like to have warmer sound (tube preferred ) with ideally 2 inputs (Manley Steelhead or EMT126 are recommended by my local dealer but not sure if they are worth the money ) .  I know matching (cartridge / arm / phono stage) is more important in analog system so I’d like everyone’s comments / experience that matches my system. Musicality / warmth is what I’m after rather than microscopic details. Thanks in advance


ARC Ref 3 offers balanced output which I prefer over single ended. Manley Steelhead only has single ended outputs. In my experience, balanced connection lowers the noise floor which makes a difference when dealing with analog.

I would choose the Stabi R/4 point 9 as well.  Place the table on the appropriate sized and weighted HRS platform and you will be impressed.  

@dover my budget is US$15k-20k for the TT+tonearm+phono amp, can be a little  more flexible if “necessary” lol. If I trade up to Kuzma TT/ arm I can get a pretty good deal with my local dealer.  Not sure if my Etsuro Cobalt will match Linn LP12 better than Kuzma 4point ? 

@rdk777 thanks and good point : one of the thing I found with my current Gold NotePH10 is the “hum” or high noise floor.  Currently I am using XLR connect to my Pandora pre. I was thinking changing to RCA to give a better analog sonics 

Maybe a built in Legato phono card can help this issue ?

seems like many experts here recommend Kuzma over Linn LP12 , anyone can share your experience how the two differ sonically ? Thanks 


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@eddiechanghk I would never buy a Linn turntable - it's outdated.  It may have been a great table when it came out, but it's no match for a Kuzma. The 4P (11) tonearm is one of the better arms on the market - that by itself should make the Kuzma table/arm combo a better choice.