Analog Upgrade itch

Hello ! I would like to upgrade my turntable / tonearm / phono preamp 

currently I am using Kuzma Stabi S / Stabi S VTA 12” tonearm / Gold Note PH10 phono amp. 
Gryphon Antelion EVO + Pandora pre , Magico A5 speaker. 

My music preference : 50% classical / 30% pop / 20% modern Jazz 

I like my current cartridge: Etsuro Urushi Cobalt so I am going to keep it. I would like to upgrade my Turntable (possible Linn LP12 or Kuzma Ref2 or any suggestions ) with Kuzma 4 point tonearm (or recommendation in the $ range?). My biggest uncertain is phono amp : I’d like to have warmer sound (tube preferred ) with ideally 2 inputs (Manley Steelhead or EMT126 are recommended by my local dealer but not sure if they are worth the money ) .  I know matching (cartridge / arm / phono stage) is more important in analog system so I’d like everyone’s comments / experience that matches my system. Musicality / warmth is what I’m after rather than microscopic details. Thanks in advance


@eddiechanghk when you asked "I now use a IsoAcoustics DELOS solid oak platform , how do these platform differ from each other ?" I'm assuming you are asking vs a Vibraplane? Completetly different, the VP isolates down to 2.5 cycles in BOTH the vertical & horizonal planes. The VP was iniitally designed for electron microscopes. 

@karl_desch correct you would gain nothing from the Stabi M vs R if using your Vibraplane.  :-) 

@eddiechanghk so I thought about the Steelhead but I couldn't get over the look. A little bit too much going on for my taste and aesthetics are as important to sonics to me. I've heard the Steelhead is a good phono, but is a great phono was the rectifier is upgraded and then competes with the H-3000. Rectifier rolling in the Allnic is also a great upgrade potential but I'm on the cheaper end of RCA rectifier rolling but I'm happy. The Chinook I had was fun and helped me understand what tubes in a phono can provide. But the Allnic added even more realism and depth. For me it was like seeing a picture of fog vs walking through the fog and feeling the experience. The Allnic h-6500 added a little bit more vs the Chinook, but the H-3000 is the end all be all for me....unless a Ypsilon shows up used.  

This hobby will have you chasing your ass forever.

Something about the hole in our soul that will keep us searching.

Modern Jazz? C’mon, there’s nothing like the Classic’s. It’s all been done already, and the great stuff is on wax.