Analog vs. digital

I’ve found that on my system the digital side is more finely etched than the analog side. Both sound great in their own way, but records just don’t sound so finely defined.
What is your experience?


Ultimately, the 'best' amounts to 'the one you happen to prefer'.... Digital is great, Analog is great, music is great.... 

Personally the system set up really differs the argument here. 

Digital sources can be many things, just from my personal experience, 

CD vs Vinyl => sub 5,000 USD vinyl set up couldn't beat CD system.

Streamer vs Vinyl => sub 5,000 USD streamer generally sound pretty flat or dry (some may call it analytical) , anything below $1,000 USD streamer or turntable, you might be better off with digital radio. 

Streamer vs CD => below 5,000 USD set up, I think CD prevails in general. 

I would say, there are some products that offer standard sound quality to the market. Usually integrated all in ones can be a good start for digital and make a way up or to separates with DAC, vinyls, I can't say much since there are lots and lots of combinations that can be offered here to surpass digital components from $ 10,000.00 USD to sky is the only limit here. 

But in the end, the higher you want to get, you do need a good pair of speakers to reveal the true capabilities or characteristics of your components as well. 




Analog and digital are just sources the more sources in my mind the more music you have access to. I still keep my CDs because most sound better than high-rez downloads and many are not on music services. I keep my LPs because I bought them they are fun musical and again many sound better than my digital options and are unavailable on streaming.

Haven’t used my turn table i years. I just want to hear music and not have fiddle with records. It’s not that important that the music can sound a little better is I can listen and relax. It’s all about the music and not the front to back depth or can I hear music in the noise.