Analogue Productions Test LP Tools?

I have this test record on the way and I've been having a hard time figuring out what tools are necessary to use it properly. Are there apps for my iPhone/iPad that will do the job? Or do I need some hardware?
Only a multimeter or if you want to get fancy an oscilliscope 😁. For the speed test you need a meter with a frequency mode. This particular disc is not designed for use with a PC, unlike this for example
For Azimuth optimization I really like the The Clearaudio Azimuth Optimizer Test Record. Since it has two entire sides that play the left channel then the right channel, over and over again. I use an oscilloscope,  but a multimeter will also work.  It makes it easy, since you have an entire side of alternating channels to optimize the crosstalk. Plus you can also see if your crosstalk changes as you get closer to the spindle.