Analyzing DACs

As I am new to the hifi hobby, reading various product reviews and noting the details of the test environment have made me very confused.  I understand Stereophile is the hifi bible. In the publication’s DAC published tests the reviewers almost always tested the DAC connected directly to the amplifier. I think I understand why—nothing in the chain influencing the DAC sound. Is that the correct assumption? If that’s the case why incorporate a preamp if the DAC has a preamp section that is a common feature even on high end DACs? I’m in the market for a new DAC. I’m trying to avoid unnecessary components if possible. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.  



I have one of her albums, but not that song. Although I've heard it on the rardio before. Send it to me. I'll fix it and send it back.

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@laoman   "You get what you pay for" . Wouldn't THAT be nice?  I hope you were joking. 

But probably not, if I see and read about some true audiophile nutcases. "Wishful thinking" or "I spent $300,000k on that turntable and I can hear every single dollar" is the driving force in the esoteric part of high fidelity. 

Take a $100k amplifier. Material cost shoiuld be in the $1-10k range. Leaves $90k for labor. At $100/hour (yes, that includes a hefty profit margin/overhead), that is 900 hours or 110 man days! 

@mastering92 I strictly stream Qobuz. No files here.

I'm curious how everyone evaluates a DAC disregarding the measurements. What is the hallmark of a good DAC? I suppose one could spend insane amounts of money but is there such a moneyball DAC?

I really enjoy hearing detail and separation. That is I can hear each instrument and clear vocals. That's why I find Dido tracks great.  Using a proper set up to listen to a track from my college days is such a satisfying experience.



@tee_dee - I think most people form their opinions primarily based on the reviews of other users.

I really enjoy hearing detail and separation. That is I can hear each instrument and clear vocals.

just buy a chord qutest and be done, or even for less money, an rme adi-2 if you don’t care much about imaging (it is clear as a whistle and flat as a cardboard cutout figure)

no need to further belabor this already tortured subject of measurement vs listening for dacs- the credible folks on this particular forum listen to music, evaluate gear through listening, measurements are of relatively minor significance