Anat Cohen Live -- WOW

Last night we went to Jazz Alley to hear Anat Cohen's Quartet which includes Anat on clarinet, Benny Green on piano, Peter Washington on bass and Lewis Nash on drums. One of the best concerts I've ever had the joy to experience. All of the musicians are individually great, but together was something else! Check out the group's new CD "Clarinetwork: Live At the Village Vanguard".

Anat is not only a vivacious performer, but is also extremely gracious. She had previously worked up a chart of her version of Coltrane's "Lonnie's Lament" for my son (who also plays saxophone and clarinet) and took time out to chat with him between sets last night. Of course my son was thrilled...pretty cool!
AC is one of the great instrumentalists of our day! She's the epitome of what a successful modern day musician should be. Gifted, intelligent, involved with her own record label (the fantastic ANZIC), releases stellar recordings on a regular basis. And what variety! Compare her latest live recordings with the big band 'Noir'(outstanding!), the wonderfully sublime 'Poetica', and her work with the Waverley Seven & the Choro Ensemble. And as killa a sax player as she is, IMO time will reveal her to be one of the greatest clarinet players ever!
I second the praise for Anat. Based on a good review (in Stereomojo, I think), I bought her 2008 CD, "Notes from the Village". I heartily recommend it.

I third the immense talent that is Anat Cohen. All her releases are great. I have yet to hear the new Live album though.

I would also like to recommend the album with her siblings 3 Cohens - Braid. Fantastic!