(ancient) Acoustat TransNova 200 amp

above amp from mid-80's. Anyone have any experience. I had the lower powered 120 &it was nice. Is 200 dual mono like the 120? Anyone service it or have shematic? Thanks.
Hello, The Acoustat TNT-200 is a dual mono 200wpc stereo amp. I have the user's manual and schematic for the PA. I have repaired two units so far, and know of a company in Florida that also repairs them. They are great sounding PA's. The output devices are getting hard to find. This is the main problem with repair. Hope this helps, Rich Hollis
The Hafler Diablo 9505 was designed by the same person - Jim Strickland and is 250 watts/channel. It uses the same TransNodal circuitry as the Accoustat TNT 200 but with an improved, balanced input section. This amp was made until quite recently (it may still be manufactured under the Hafler professional line). I use one myself and love it. Retail was $2200.00 and you should be able to find a used one for about a kilobuck. Don Laby