And the "Best" Dynaudio monitor is...?

They've built quite a few monitors over the years. The C1 seems to be getting a lot of press recently but is it the "best" monitor they've built? For the money they should be but.....are they?
C3's perhaps. Price point was too high for a monitor to sell well & C5 was probably the better overall speaker choice for most, but C3's were pretty special.
I love the C3's if you can find a pair. If you are willing to buy used and can find a pair of C3's for a grand less than the C1's, I think that's what I would do (assuming money matters). The C1's are fantastic, and if money doesn't matter so much, they're easier to find and you wouldn't go wrong. I think the C3's are just a very special speaker, though, and could easily live with them indefinitely.
I had enjoyed S25 for about 2 years with Jadis Orchestra SE and Meridian 588. Sometimes, I still miss its very musical sounding and authoratative lower. The sound scale was quite beyound its size. One of my colleagues had C1 at that time and he matched with Levison 26S and 332. Quite different sounds came out even though from same birth origin. More accurate and more like excellent monitor speakers. I believe it is absurd that which one is superior than the other. IMO, it probably depends on your ears and how to match with other components.