Angle of Sonus Faber Olympica I stands?

Found a great deal on a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica Is and decided to pick them up. They were sold without the stands and several reviews mention the matching Sonus Faber stands tilting the speakers backwards slightly for better time-alignment of the drivers. Any chance someone knows what the angle on those stands ends up being? Figure on playing around a bit but thought it might help to know the ballpark the manufacturer uses. Can’t wait to get them fired up this weekend :). 

Thanks in advance


The original stand, meaning the column stands upright without any tilt, but the base has spikes and the front ones are higher than than the ones on the back (the hight can be adjusted via screw)

Here is the link with some photos of SF01 speakers for sale, believe that you will understand what I am talking about



The angle depends on your distance from the speaker, the room's acoustics, etc. There is no "fixed" or preferred angle.  First position the speakers to maximize the bass and lower midrange which usually means approximating an equilateral triangle between the speakers and your listening position.  Then adjust the toe-in/out.  By this point, the soundstage should be very good.  Then gradually begin tilting the speakers listening to the treble.  Adjust to your preference,

I realized I might have to adjust, but the stands definitely have a significant rake so I figured rather than starting flat I’d start from that angle. 

you can clearly see it in the side profile photos


…perhaps I can just print out and measure the photo to get close.

No need to reinvent the wheel...

Tilt based on your listening tests. I doubt SF used any scientific  data to use shorter spike in the rear-probably just went to the parts bin and grabbed whatever short and long pointy, threaded thingies they had.

Pennies are useful for that job.