ANK L5 Mentor Preamp Kit.

Hi Guy's, I am about ready to take the plunge and drop 5K on an ANK L5 Mentor pre amp kit.  Anyone have any thoughts, advice, or insight on this unit?. I will be assembling the unit myself. Are the folks who have purchased this pre amp happy with the unit? Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steven.

How come no one talks about L5 Mentor kits? I heard its extremely good. A colleague of mine compared it to

1. VAC statement
2. AN M5
3. ARC Ref 40
4. Jadis 80 pre
And he liked it as much as all of those and more than some. But his has some mods.


I'm planning on building one soon. Based on the sound quality off the ANK 4.1x DAC that I recently built, I expect great things.

No one talks about the L5 Mentor because there aren't any reviews.

Congratulations. I'd be surprised if you aren't delighted.

My suggestion would be to do a complete parts inventory before you start the build.

I love the 2.1 dac that I built, vinylvalet is correct on checking the parts inventory. I had to go back to Brian a few times for additional parts.