Annoying sounds from cars at stop light

What causes the stereo in the car next to you at the stop light so loud and annoying with over the top bass and how can the driver stand it?

I got the answer to the punks that have the loud bass and the fart can on the tail pipe. My truck is a Dodge Ram with a straight pipe on my Cummins. And if the truck isn't loud enough I turn on the exhaust brake. And with that because the noise and smell they shut there windows.

You are doing Gods work............except for the exhaust fumes........not sure he would approve....

When one of those boom cars pulls up, it's like a giant sign blaring "Look at me!   I'm an a##hole and dumb as sh#t!"

(Sort of like Harley Riders, who don't give a damn that their bikes cause everyone's teeth to rattle within an entire block, 'cause, "I'm on a Harley!")

Usually of course it's young men and as we know they don't have a reputation for wise decisions at that point in life.   There's a lot of tinnitus and regret coming down the road for those guys.