Annoying trend? New vinyl equalization and compression

Hi...I searched discussions and didn’t find much mention of this. Direct me if there is a thread.

Is this just a few of the recent (maybe last 5 years or so) albums I’ve picked up reissued on vinyl or a trend by the big manufacturers (such as Rhino records etc.....not talking about "audiophile" Mofi etc.).....

-------Albums sound dynamically compressed, thick in the bass and very rolled off on top--------.

Of the thousands of albums I have.....these recent pressings/purchases have this same sound.

A couple recents.....David Bowie Scary Monsters, A new Samantha Fish Death Wish Blues, A reissue of Ozzy Osborne Blizzard of Oz etc.

Not sure if this might be an EQ that compliments new vinyl purchasers and sounds better on USB or maybe inexpensive tables or systems???

Or is it just a few of the releases I purchased and not so widespread?




The radio stations have their own compression they've used for decades, even back in the 1960s.  I don't doubt Colombia was using compression though. I was commenting on much more recent releases.

Some of Hollywood released Queen vinyls aren’t just dynamically compressed , they sound like they used low but bit MP3’s as masters!

Well, there is vinyl and then there is vinyl. Always has been.  But of all my recent buys of both old and new music, some sound like a bumpy noisy thing with no range and can be even off center (but clear or colored WOOO!!!) and the others - usually the solid colored vinyl blow my socks off. But still, they are almost all better than CDs, at least for me on my system. 

But my recent purchase of the Pachinko soundtrack  (clear vinyl - how do they do that?) is so bad that it's going back.   

So yes, some sound like they were cut from redbook CD bit rates but others are amazing.  I see no trend.  



You have to do your due diligence when buying remastered vinyl. If you’re buying something originally from the 80’s, good chance the original engineering was garbage. Buy artists who cared about good sound. For example Steely Dan. And your sources should be vetted. I frequent Discogs and have yet to be disappointed. Of course I’m already choosing an album I’ve researched and they do a great job of rating their sellers. Surprisingly I’ve had good success on Amazon. But that’s due to the artists I choose who have control over their pressings.