Another amateur in need of advice

Hello all. I'm basically as green as they come, and am looking for some advice in putting together my first 2- channel audio system. Looking to keep it analog, with vinyl playback being the primary purpose of this whole escapade. If I feel compelled to stream something, i would just get a decent bluetooth receiver to appease the crowd of an informal get-together. 

I am looking to experience an "audiophile-grade" sound, but one that is also a giddy and involving listen. Some bass presence would be welcome (newb). In any case, I would prefer to keep the budget under $5k. First question - do I need an integrated amplifier? Can I just get an amplifier and connect the Lounge phono stage that I'm leaning towards? Or connect a CD player or radio tuner? Basically, does a power amp require a pre-amp, which it seems that an integrated provides? As far as integrated amps, I was first leaning towards the newer Rega Brio, but then I heard about the Rogue Sphinx V2. But then I read about all the noise issues with the Sphinx, which really turned me off from it. Noise issues would really steal the jam from my doughnut. The Heed Elixir seems to tick a lot of boxes, but it also seems that it really imparts it's own texture to the music. Maybe that's a good thing? A budgetary stretch - the Croft integrated looks pretty dang cool. If I only need an amplifier rather than an integrated for my purposes, any opinions on the Croft Series 7? 

As far as speakers, I'm as lost as the previous paragraph suggests. Right now leaning towards the Quad S-2, but was considering the KEF LS50 until I read that they sound best with a more powerful amp. Ditto for the Dynaudio Excite X14. And apparently the LS50s are rather bright sounding? Was not considering floor-standers until I found out that the Monitor Audio Silver 300s are pretty easy to drive. Every gosh-darn review I read only sends me deeper down the spiral of confusion and indecisiveness. 

My turntable choice is pretty set - the Mofi ultra deck with the better cartridge. Since it's $2200, it kind of eats up the budget considering the additional costs of cabling and, potentially, speaker stands. But it seems that it's the sort of component that I'll keep for life. 

I'd appreciate any words of guidance and wisdom! Have a good one! 
marktomaras, inna, twoleftears, thanks for your replies! Super informative and provided lots of new stuff to explore. Can't say I can spring for a set of vandersteens just yet, though. 

Since I'm going to be using this system mostly for vinyl playback, possibly a cd player, and looking for as small of a noise-floor as possible, I've begun considering the NAD C 316BEE and 326BEE. Reviews seem pretty darn enthusiastic. And that would free up my speaker budget to more seriously consider something like the silver 300s. Kind of a weird combo, I guess. 

Very generally speaking and to somewhat simplify things, within this price range I would most likely go after British set-up. They know how to get a good sound without big expenses in smaller rooms. Definitely consider only Moving Magnet cartridge, I like Goldring 10xx series, they have been proven performers for decades. If you decide on Rega turntable then maybe Rega cartridge. Phono stage is important, $500-$750 should be enough for an acceptable separate unit new.
Having worked ~25 years in the audio industry, I definitely saw many mistakes made as people assembled their systems. One of the most common was spending the majority of their budget on speakers. The best speaker available can only sound mediocre when it's driven by a poor signal. This poor signal could be caused by anything else in the system. Keep in mind that the overall system is only as good as the weakest component. Another common mistake was a poor match with amp and speaker as this is very important.
I agree with Inna, perhaps you can do better than the MoFi table for $2200, freeing up more for speakers... a mid level rega used can be really nice, with a higher end MM cart
Dang, thanks all. Starting to sound like freedom from choice is what I may need. In a tizzy - i guess stepping out into reality and hearing some of these setups is the next step. Any thoughts on the two NAD amps I mentioned? Are they really that far down-market in terms of quality, or are they just stripped of superfluous b.s. and thereby cheaper?