Another Free Tip That Yields Better Sound!

If you wear glasses, take them off when listening. It works for me. Those hard, reflective surfaces in close proximity to your ears...
Obviously, this tip only applies to listening to speakers, not headphones!!!

Cup your hands behind your ears and realize we should have evolved much larger ears.

Like some of you here, I'v been wearing glasses since I was five years old. I'll use any excuse to take my glasses off, especially when there is a  serious listening session.

I don't know if the lens are responsible for reflecting sound but instead, relieving pressure on the bridge of my nose, allowing for the sinuses to settle down, and ease pressure in the ears, returning them to a more or less normal state.

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I listen naked, so I can feel the sound waves with my body hairs. Not free, though, because of bail.
Cryo treated frames improve signal transmission - especially if worn during application.
Cupping ears doesn’t work in a room that has been treated for acoustic anomalies. Where room dynamic range has been restored. Its a dynamic range issue. It"s also a volume issue. My first product was going to be Ortho Ears.