Another GaN smaller integrated, Technics SU-G30 has everything bar the kitchen sink.

This smaller SU-G30 integrated version of the SU-R1000 I started last week has it all, it's the  complete network audio integrated amp. Nowhere near the power of the SU-R1000, but all the goodies, for $4k looks great for units and offices or smaller hifi systems.

Cheers George
How does the network side of things sound as it being a basically digital tuner as well,  (DAB+ sound) like we have in Au?

Also if you've done what's the sound like with a higher end dac feeding it? 

Cheers George
I have used the DLNA compatibility to wirelessly stream music off of a Sony HAP-Z1ES server, but I found that I greatly preferred the sound quality of something directly connected to the unit (like a CD player or music directly off a USB drive).  However, the Sony is not known for having a really clean digital output, so my results are certainly not conclusive.  I do like the built-in internet radio feature. 

I have hooked up a Holo May dac and Marantz SA-10 CD player to the Technics, and IMHO the sound is improved over feeding it a digital signal, but only slightly.  With my regular amp and preamp, the Holo May will make some digital recordings sound as good as reel to reel tape or an excellent vinyl system.  When played through the Technics, the sound of the Holo May is changed into something resembling a delta-sigma dac type of sound.  
The use of speaker impedance data to perform DSP on any speaker it’s connected to is quite interesting. Wonder how that compares to the more powerful and elegant Devialte expert series, which has that feature for only select speakers?
Later this month I will be comparing the $2k Orchard GAN Int, $3k LSA 350 INT,
& $4k Lejonklou Boazu INT & the  $7k Pass Labs INT25. 

I’m loving my SU-G700, and would agree with @80s_forever19 that when my Gustard X26 Pro goes through the Technics it’s sound really does take on new character, mostly for the better, but in some rare occasion a little strained with excessive reverb (like I know the Technics is working kinda sound).

I’ve tested now 3 other amp/preamps with my DAC and there is a distinct digital sound of the Technics, some called nuanced, but I will say that LAPC for my current speakers (Kef LS50 metas) makes a big difference in sound staging as far as depth of certain sounds that otherwise were a bit restrained on recordings. Pushing something’s forward other things back, but I overall enjoy the end result.

Another strange thing is that through the Technics my choice in DAC filters has come to actually matter, when before I would only use the Gustard X26 Pro’s Vivid filter (which majority opinion is its only good filter) but now on more acoustic and less layered recordings I almost prefer the gentle and composite filters.

So I’d say the Technics has some digital multiplication of what you get from your external DAC, might be an accuired taste, but I’m a big fan!