Another GaN smaller integrated, Technics SU-G30 has everything bar the kitchen sink.

This smaller SU-G30 integrated version of the SU-R1000 I started last week has it all, it's the  complete network audio integrated amp. Nowhere near the power of the SU-R1000, but all the goodies, for $4k looks great for units and offices or smaller hifi systems.

Cheers George
Yeah, but cracked glass, wonder if it was dropped? I’d be nervous buying something like that see cracked glass.
Yeah but can you imagine if that was it, (no chassis dings on the corners) couple of small scratches and just a replacement glass, these things were around $20k back then. And only if you were someone important, could you get one. (This could be the Emperor of Japans one)🙄

Like these magic Sony Reference ESL’s only for the Emperor of Japan🙄
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Cheers George
Yeah, but cracked glass, wonder if it was dropped? I’d be nervous buying something like that see cracked glass.
Besides the cracked glass, the input selector knob is broken off. That unit has gone through some kind of severe trauma!
the input selector knob is broken off.
Didn’t see that, but again no biggie 5 position switch maybe $10-$20 plus labour, at the same time the glass gets replaced, if it works it’s a bargain at around that price. We'll find out same time tomorrow.

I just zoomed in on that broken switch shaft and there’s looks to be enough sticking out still to extend with a short aluminium tube epoxy’d over it and then knob drilled to the same diameter of the tube to fit.

Cheers George
As noted before in my earlier post my SUG700 sounds awesome over my Canton 9k reference speakers' unbelievable detail and not bright or etched, except if pushed near clipping levels( speakers88dB) in any way. My headphone section using my Focals is even more detailed. I am cd based and a SS guy all the way. instruments and voices sound real those Canton's are a fine speaker by the way again bought on here for less than half the price new and they were not even a year old. 
My only gripe no balanced inputs, 70 watts, and a touch light on the bass  but sure plays my cantons loud when called upon. As far as streaming I'll wait and add a unit down the road. It just looks and plays beautifully.
A BIG bummer zero, nada, zip customer service so you roll the dice on reliability which so far is spotless.Oh  they say the phono stage is good as well. I picked it up here in like new shape 3m old at a steep discount. I do not believe it has that Gna set up like its big brother they do share some other goodies.