Another GaN smaller integrated, Technics SU-G30 has everything bar the kitchen sink.

This smaller SU-G30 integrated version of the SU-R1000 I started last week has it all, it's the  complete network audio integrated amp. Nowhere near the power of the SU-R1000, but all the goodies, for $4k looks great for units and offices or smaller hifi systems.

Cheers George
You might want to try contacting local brick ’n mortar retailers who sell Technics, like Best Buy of Guitar Center. They may have a working number to get in touch with Technics.

While waiting for mine to come in, I’ve tried to contact them as well via phone and email and like you said, zip, nada, goose egg. I even tried googling an actual contact number and tried that one only to get a recording and not getting a callback.

All the best,
 The G30  never sold very well to begin with.   Now that the newer, much better looking, and cheaper SU-G700 Mk2  is coming out, there doesn't seem much need for the G30 (which is also pretty old at this point). 

Can anyone chime in on how this unit sounds with Tidal MQA? Does Tidal run from an app on this unit?