another headshell for Ortofon TA-110

The original headshell on the Ortofon TA-110 is 13.5 gr, the arm itself is 3.5 gr.
I will need to accomodate the arm for Colibri LWG which would benefit from arm between 8-14 gr.
So my question is - did somebody try a lighter headshell on TA-110 (or RS-212D)? How was the experience?
Thank you as always
Maybe I should elaborate a bit. The LH-8000 is a Urushi lacquered Japanese oak headshell. The finger lift can be removed to save a little extra mass as well.

It is designed to be a perfect match with our arms, although I'm sure there are other great headshells out there which will also be suitable.
Yes, Louis, I missed that one, it sounds like it is good option, thank you.
Louis, I checked with Ortofon asking about the eff mass of the RS-212D, the answer was 26gr. Is that correct? I assume this is with the headshell, is that detachable? And how heavy the arm itself without the headshell? I am trying to choose between the TA-110 and RS-212D.