Another 'hum' thread...

I am running my Meridian 508.24 into a passive Adcom preamp, which then runs to a Merlin BAM, to a pair of Monarchy SE-100 Delux monoblocks and then to Merlin VSM-SEs. All interconnects are Nordost SPMs. I am getting an extremely loud hum from the speakers when I plug in the preamp outs. Strangely, if I wiggle the preamp out plugs the right way, the hum will completely disappear. I have to position the plugs just right, and it will go away, but if I bump the preamp and the plugs/cords move, the hum will come back. The hum is not dependent on the position of the volume controller. The preamp is completely passive, and hence, has no power cord. I have already lifted the ground plugs on the amps. The hum occurs whether I have the BAM in the circuit, or not. I assume that it has something to do with the RCA connectors on the preamp, but I don't know if it is something that I can fix or not. I have an old Pioneer receiver with preamp outs that I have hooked up to test it, and there is no hum with the Pioneer.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
-Kurt Jeffers
Is this system hooked to Cable TV anywhere in the audio chain?? If so, try disconnecting the cable for TS purposes. If not, check the advise above. Also check the ground connections in the cables...
Good luck, grounding problems really suck to troubleshoot.
I don't have a cable tv hooked up to the system, and I had the same problems with another brand of cables (HT). I will check out the solder joints at the outputs. I appreciate everyone's help!

Kurt Jeffers