Another post about a streamer upgrade


I’ve read a lot of the threads here about streamers and moving up the chain.

However, it seems there’s not a ton of info for relatively modestly priced streamers … most threads focus on the Bluesound / Ifi Zen range or the Aurender N200 range.

I have an Ifi Zen Stream with an LPS fronted by an Ether Regen and would like to move on to something better… mainly from a usability and app standpoint but would like to spend significantly less than $2k.

I think the writing is on the wall with the Innuos Pulse Mini but curious if others have a suggestion that would be a sq improvement from the Ifi and a much better user experience for around $1500 give or take.

I currently use the JPLAY app to access Qobuz to stream DLNA to the Ifi but it’s frustrating and connectivity isn’t great. 

I don’t use Roon so the Sense app from Innuos is probably the best bet from what I gather.   I’d also be interested in the Aurender system but according to many the N200 is where to start there and that’s significant higher priced than where I want to go at this point.

Are there any other options with great usability and sound that I’m not thinking of.

I typically run Spdif coax out to my dacs but could also run usb.

thanks in advance 


Hello If using the pulse mini, for sure upgrade to get the linear power supply 

a no brainer sounds much better still and use good quality after market power cords .  Thungs left out but essential , most router- modem combos are 12 v just look on them or bottom or router , the wall wart is Horribly noisy 

on Audiogon  Linear Tube Audio - exceptional LPS power supply $50 off $700 use a decent power cord ,the $200 Pangea sig mk2 awg14 is a excellent low cost power cord ,I even use the synergistic purple fuse 20 mm 5 amp ,slow blow fuse 

all these little things add up. Wall warts for any gear is an Audio sin they are noise and grunge .

is a great upgrade , I even upgraded the router modem combo to a Motorola 8702 

that has docsis 3.1meaning much faster processor, and much bigger buffer 

it works great, even streaming WiFi with TV better picture, and is 12v  around 4 amps , the LTA  LPS goes up to 8 amp , and can be ordered up to 19 v.

I suspect that there should be quite a few used Innuoss  pulse mini available Because if you were impressed as I was, you saved up and just got the PULSE and traded in the mini. 

Thanks for all the suggestions 

there actually aren’t a lot of pulse minis second hand … I think they get snatched up pretty quickly.  There was a Pulse (non mini) for sale on one of the sites recently at a great price but it went fast. 
I’m now considering an N150 or a Pulse Mini unless I see something used from higher up the line.

but with a budget of less than $2k, it’s going to be tricky. 
I haven't really considered the Eversolo … perhaps I should 

I’m not a fan of huge screens and again, the app is of critical importance to me.

I’m also considering the Cambridge but I think the purpose built environment of Innuos or Aurender is a better move 

“I think the purpose built environment of Innuos or Aurender is a better move ”


Unequivocally, Yes! 

There’s a N150 being offered where I live so I could avoid shipping… looks like it may not have been babied but … then again, neither have I