Another "help me pick speakers" thread

(sorry long post)
Yes, I know these threads are all over the place, but here’s what I’m looking for…
Looking for a small footprint (12 X 8 would pretty much be the max) floorstander, which costs up to $2K used. I much prefer used, because I hate breaking-in speakers, plus, they are generally easier to sell. My amp is a Rogue Audio Tempest 2 (Integrated tube 90 wpc, both 8ohm & 4ohm)- I love it, and have no intention of selling it. I was using Tyler Acoustics monitors and subs (then, a single sub when I moved to a smaller apt), and I just didn’t have the floor space for the sub and anywhere to put monitors. However, I really liked the sound- no complaints (had I not moved, I would have kept that setup). So, now I have the OHM Microwalsh SE (the SE model supposedly goes an octave lower than the older “Tall” model). They are broken-in, and sound great, except the bass. I’m missing the bass-drum kick and the snare-drum thump with these. A sub might help, but I have nowhere to put one (plus, I’m trying to simplify things). I listen to rock- only (and I’m 95% vinyl)… stuff like early Sabbath (the first 4 albums). A few problems… my apt has little room to maneuver speakers- they will have to be very close to the side walls (I sit on the back wall, about 2 feet behind the speakers, and about 5 or 6 feet from each). The WAF is not an issue- she doesn’t care what they look or sound like- but the size IS an issue. When I said 12 X 8 would be the max footprint… I will have to turn them sideways against the wall when I’m not using them- so we can walk by (yeah, I live in NYC). Smaller would be better, but I do need them to move some air. I’ve only ruled out B&W’s (never heard a pair I liked) and Gallo Ref 3 (don’t think my amp could drive them, plus, I don’t want to buy a sub amp- I just sold mine). As for those who say “go demo some and let your ears decide”… I only think in-store demos are good for 1 thing, and that’s comparing one speaker to another. It’s rare to find a store that has 2 different models that I’m even considering. In Living Stereo probably has the coolest employees in the NYC hi-fi shops… most others are clueless, or just trying to make a sale (like, they don’t even ask what amp you are using!) So, here’s what I am considering, please feel free to add to the list (this is compiled purely from reading- I have not heard any of these):

Proac Studio 140 (probably my first choice)
Joseph Audio RM25si
Totem Hawk (worried about placement near wall)
Totem Forest (again, placement)
Rega R5 (might be a little too big, plus not many used ones show up)
Zu Druid (never heard this type of speaker… this one’s a wild card choice)
Quad 22L2 (these are so cheap, it makes me wonder)
never heard the Von Schweikarts, but on paper, they would seem to fit the bill to a tee! I'd really like to hear these sometime!
There is a pair of NHT 2.9's for sale on Audiogon right now. I don't know the seller, but I have heard those speakers and they work very well when placed close to the wall. Good Luck!
The 16" depth on the Von Schweikert VR-2 will be a problem. When I listen, I'll have to turn them so they are at a 45 degree angle (roughly) from the side wall. Speakers that deep won't fit (they'll hit a piece of furniture, which I can't move). Well, they might fit, but it would be too close for comfort.
Vandersteen Model 1C looks to be a bit big, but I guess they are a possibility. All their other current models are too big (except the VSM, which looks like a monitor). I don't know much about them- for some reason, they were always off my radar.
I owned some NHT monitors years ago... they were ok. But the 2.9's are way too deep (21 inches?)
All things considered equal, I prefer going with a small brand, as opposed to a big name.
Thanks for the ideas so far.
VAndy's are nice but also rumored to sound best with higher power SS amps. I see their impedance goes down to 2 ohm? Yikes!