another rookie DAC question.....

Im sure this has been gone over and over but my neck gets soar looking at all the threads to find the answer so please help...
I have a stock sony DVD/CD player running into Rotel RSP 1068 processor, now will a DAC improve this unit or should I replace the Sony? now I am disablbed so budget gets in the way..I just want really open and detailed sound and achieve this the best way and cheap..can anyone take a few minutes to fully explain options, budget considrations and performance expectations..and if I do use the Sony as transport will it still thread dolby digital through a DAC or do I need to run several audio conections? I know you guys have been there done that but thanks for your help!

I have yet to hear a processor that challenges a good DAC, such as the dAck! or Benchmark DAC-1, and I have heard 5 or 6 processors and 15 different DAC's
Hi Chad,

In case I missed the focus of your question, are you considering adding the DAC in order to improve 2 channel sound only?

If this is the case, I agree with Audioengr that a stand alone 2 channel DAC like the Benchmark or Ack would outperform many expensive HT processors. The hook up for such an application is explained in TH Salmon's fourth paragraph.

However, if it is the mullti channel performance you're trying to improve, then you would have to consider upgrading your pre/pro.
thank you, yes music 2 channel is what I want to improve on, as far as movies go im running a Rotel RSP1068, and I am pretty happy..thanks again Chad