Another sign SACD is dying

I went to Best Buy to purchase some SACDs and after searching for the special section containing sacds and xrcds without success, I asked the salesman where they were. He informed me that they were all removed since dual disc is now the rage. WOW!
Smw30yahoocom, I understand your point. My audio dealer gave me an advise - which is a very nice from customer point of view - don't go for SACD. He asked me to stick to the RBCD and enjoy the music rather than jumping into a format which has not taken off. But it was my decision based on my listening preference that I decided to go for the SACD. I have exchanged emails (friendly ones) with fellow audiogoners/audio-asylum inmates, who claim that when the CD players go upwards of $2000 the difference between SACD/CD ceases to exist. I listen to advices and make up my decision.
Robm321 and Nrchy have a good points here. And that lead me to find out more on the newer formats coming up. I am not starting a debate here - but just an analogy or thinking loud - if you may. I think the Blu-Ray is based on PCM because Sony feels that if they had gone the DSD way, then they would loose the market share. This means that SACD is the only medium with DSD. One more thing - whenever I think of DVD - I think of VIDEO. The same applies to is psychological. What I am trying to say is that a new format doesn't mean that it will take off in the AUDIO department. It may be a hit in the VIDEO department. Look at DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.
So, I believe that SACD will remain a niche market.
Circuit City? Best Buy?? You've got to be kidding me that these outlets ever carried any audiophile audio gear or recordings. They are MASS MARKETERS. Certainly they impact the market. But look to the creativity / quality coming out of the smaller producers. These guys/gals don't have a chance at getting into the bins of the mass retailers. They're reaching us through the internet and to some degree in the larger metro areas through the single-outlet music stores. Did anyone here think that JC Penny's was the trendsetter in music selection in the 60's? Who needs a Britney Spears SACD?? If you love music then support it.
In my opinion it is against the nature of an audiophile/music lover to be a whiner. I embraced almost every format that came along and enjoyed every minute that I spent with it. Dying is inevitable, be it any format or us.

Happy listening to everyone on this thread! :)
Quadophile...Well said! I enjoyed my SQ LPs, some of which were really good. I still have the Vinyl but not the decoder. I have tried Dolby PLII with them, but it doesn't work too well.
"..I even love the rounded jewelery case"

Yes. Loke those Telarc jewel cases. All CD cases should be thus.

Since forever have been sick and tired of the seals they put on CD's for USA consumer consumption. For many years I've cussed the "good for sellers, bad for customers" way of packaging CD's. When I purchase a CD without the asinine shrink wrap and the underlying sticky seals - I say ahhhh. I can do without the stickers put on outside the jewel cases too. Look like crap and impossible to remove without sticky residue. These issues alone drive some music consumers to downloads.