Anthem AVM 20 vs AMV 30

Beside the new Statement series, I heard AVM 30 came out (probably replacement for AVM 20) from Anthem

Anybody has anything to say about AVM 30?

I was going to buy AMV 20 and now there's AVM 30...
so, should I look for bargain AVM 20 or is AVM 30 worth the extra $$$

I saw MSRP of $29000 for AMV 30 which is a bit too much for me...
It is now 2008, I have a Anthem avm 30 after owning ayre acoustics v-5xe,k-5,cx-7 2 channel system. The Anthem does everything the Ayre did and has changed my mind about cost no object stuff. It doesnt get any better then this other then different tonal qaulities someone may prefer to the next person, and interconnects and cables will do this at a very cost effective price.
This looks like a very old thread. If it is any help to others - I am still quite pleased with my really old AVM20 - terrific functionality better than anything else, IMHO.

Only drawback is that I found it benefitted slightly from power conditioning (the only component I have that does) - however I have an Apple Mac Mini plugged into the same set of wall outlets as the system - so the switched mode power supply for this PC could very well be the culprit. I also migrated to this mere DSP HT multi-channel preamp as a source from other much higher end (but limited functionality) dedicated sources such as high end CD player and high end analog preamp. I use the DAC in the AVM20 to feed everything else. I did not look back.

My philosophy is similar to this (see Steps to Great Sound) and my observations are similar this (See Blind Listening tests).

Perhaps I am lucky to have tin ears!
yes, power conditioning helped the Sim Audio Attraction as well- agreed on that, especially with all the digital hash that processors must be generating? I used an Ensemble Isolink transformer-based conditioner recommended for digital and it worked great...