Anthem MCA-5

I'm thinking of upgradeing my HT system from the Denon 3300 to the MCA-5 unit. I plan to demo the unit in a few weeks but really just want to order and take it home. My basic system is a Definitive Technology setup with the following:

4-Pro Monitors 100's
1-Pro Center 100
1-Pro Sub 100TL
1-PF15TL Sub

It's not too bad after bringing in a few bass traps and a few other odds & ends.
I feel the addition of the Anthem could take it up another level but not a lot of people seem to use this amp.

I did read the comments on Audio Review and they were good.


My budget is about $2,000.00 for everything. That has to include cables so things do get a bit tight. I might be interested in something used however, any ideas of used amps I can look for in that price range. I can always go to Radio Shack for cables to hold me over for a while.
Hi - I have an MCA-5 that I used for a year before recently augmenting it with a Proceed HPA-2 for the front channels, and I'm using the two remaining channels of the Anthem for passive subs. While the Proceed is definately a step up, I really didn't feel that I missed anything with the Anthem.
The Anthem in fact did a great job with some very difficult-to-drive speakers - ML Aerius i's, Cinema center and Magnepan 1.4 rears.
I would characterize it's sound as "analytical", not dark, bright, sweet or anything else. As always ensure that the amp, speakers and cables all get along nicely.
I think you'll find the power is excellent as well, and you have to drive it really hard to get any harshness.
If you go to you'll find a number of complimentary reviews, but I have to agree that the binding posts are a pain.
I don't think you can go wrong with the unit, and for the money I don't believe there's anything that can touch it.
Best Regards and good luck - Les
I have used a variety of MCA amps with my system, MCA 2, 3 and am currently using the MCA 5. Great for the money, I agree with Snofun3, hard to beat for what you will pay. Try to get one home for an audition if you can.