Anthem mrx500 vs onyko TX NR 809

Looking to purchase new avr to replace a pioneer TSX1016. I have JBL northridge E80 frnts and an E35 center a powered 12" sub and 4 satellite surrounds. I have a pioneer elite brd player. Currently running 7.1 analog cables from brd into recievers pre-ins. I would like to be able to decode the newer hd modes so am lookig to replace reciever. I am considering an anthem mrx 500 or 700 but am wondering if I am gaining all that much over an onkyo TX NR 809. Any thoughts on what benefits are provided with the higher end anthem justifying the 600 to 700 dollar price difference. Thanks
I had the same decision and went with the MRX but I'm not sure that the choice was better. My installer loves the 809. He'll be hooking up my MRX300 with a PVA5 (both used) shortly and I'll let you know. Let me know what you do
Went with the mx700 and really like it. Much more audio from surround rears and voices clearer from center, sound tracks from fronts is majestic. Sub strong yet not boomy, not sure if its the reciever or the arc but am happy with my decision so far. How is your mx300 performing?